About Us
Livingston Bagel has been “the” place for bagels in West Essex since it was opened by Sol and Rita Snyder in 1969. Rita and Sol loved schmoozing with their customers, as Rita managed the front of the store and Sol made bagels in the back. The customers loved them too, and it didn’t take long for word to get out about the fantastic food at Livingston Bagel!

Just walking into the store is a mouth-watering event. The scent of freshly baked bagels and New York style deli wafts through the air. Pastrami, stuffed cabbage, chopped liver and other favorites, customers enjoy them all. An impressive list of bagel flavors vies with an equally impressive list of schmears.

The entire restaurant menu is available all day. During breakfast hours, turkey bacon sizzles on the grill, as customers decide between pancakes, omelets and egg sandwiches. Lunch features full deli service, sandwiches and a large selection of salads. For dinner, choose any of the above, hot paninis, burgers or hotdogs from the grill or fresh meals from our prepared foods department. Oh, and did we mention that these aren’t just any hamburgers or hotdogs, these are the same ones served by Don’s in South Orange for many years.

Today’s Livingston Bagel is a far cry from the small mom and pop bagel shop of yesteryear. It has expanded to include a restaurant, deli, the only freestanding bakery in Livingston and a growing catering business.

Opened in 2017, Livingston Caterers, Livingston Bagel’s premier full service, off-premise catering company has assumed responsibility for all catering operations, including The BBQ Experts. From casual family gatherings to barbecues to glamorous black tie events and corporate business meetings, Livingston Bagel and its subsidiaries offer catering for every type of affair.

The heart of the business is still the store itself, and that may never change. Families, friends and neighbors come together regularly for meals in the restaurant or when weather allows, on the outdoor patio. Rita Snyder, the founder, can still be found walking around the store on most days. More than any other place, Livingston Bagel remains her home.

Livingston Bagel is now operated by the third generation, Rita’s grand daughter Brooke, and her husband, Dan.

“Our sole mission is to provide our guests with the Ultimate Customer Experience, every single time they walk through our doors!”

Daniel Blue, Owner

Livingston Bagel remains a stalwart of the community, contributing to fundraisers to benefit charities and local schools alike. The Blues value their family and the neighborhood they have loved for so long. As Dan Blue says “we know our community and we have built our business to serve it and play an integral, positive part in it’s future development. That’s why you will see Livingston Bagel on the donor list of so many local causes. We have special relationships with St. Barnabas Medical Center, local schools and municipal services, the Livingston YMCA, Rotary and many other fine organizations and charities.”  973-314-2810

Brooke and Dan are grateful to walk in Rita and Sol’s footsteps, building their own following and honoring the traditions of 47 years of family service. More importantly, Livingston is still home to a true New York style bagel shop and deli, with a delicious bakery and full service caterers to meet all of your needs!