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Shiva Catering Services

In the Jewish tradition, while a Jewish family is grieving and remembering a loved one, family and friends often show their support and sympathy by providing a comforting meal to the family. Today, grieving families prefer to be able to control the amount of food being sent to them to avoid the waste of uneaten food. Friends and family can still make a loving gesture of support by contributing to the Shiva; these contributions are applied to the grieving family’s Shiva order. Livingston Bagel has created the ability for family and friends to make this gesture of support and sympathy through an online contribution with a few simple clicks. The contribution will be applied to the family’s Shiva order and at the completion of the Shiva, the family will receive a list of all who contributed.

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Contribute to a Shiva

Contribute to a friend or family member’s Shiva. All the collected contributions will be applied to your loved one’s Shiva order and they will be notified of your contribution. Thank you for your generosity.